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Thread: Beijing - Wish to contact Dr. Huang? Please post here!

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    Lightbulb MS. Shirley Smith

    I have spinocerebellar Degeration and would like to know if I'm a candiate for your procedure? Thank you, Shirley Smith

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    Dr. Huang,
    I suffered Spinal Cord Injury on April 04, 2000 and since then I am confined to bed with post Traumatic Paraplegia. Here are the initial findings:
    1. Head Injury with Jeffersons Fracture of C1
    2. Fracture anterior and posterior arches of atlas
    3. Post Traumatic compression fracture of D3 along with multiple fractures involving the posterior elements of D3 (laminae bilaterally and right transverse process) associated with displacement of fractured bony fragments into spinal canal causing gross cord compression.
    4. Disruption of inter-spinous and flaval ligament at D2-D3 along with fractured posterior elements of D3 causing anterior displacement of D2 over D3 further exaggerating cord compression.
    5. Acute Traumatic D2-D3 disc rupture into anterior prevertebral space
    6. Cord Contusion from D1 to D4 levels.

    I haven't had any surgery after that.

    Kindly let me know if I qualify for your process.

    Thanks much in advance.


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    Syringomyelia with left arm getting weak

    Hi Dr. Huang,

    I need your advice on the case of syringomyelia.
    My boyfriend having scoliosis around 10 years ago but he actually never feel anything wrong with it. However, about 5-6 year ago he can feel his left arm is getting weak, and the condition is getting worse as time goes by. Now he is unable to lift up his arm over the shoulder level and even less sensitivity to hot and cold. After he gone through MRI and doctor from Spinal Orthopaedic pre-diagnose that he is suffering from syringomyelia but the doctor said he need to consult doctor from Neurologist. To prevent the condition getting worse, he must do surgery. Need your advice on this type of sickness. Is it risky to do the surgery? We are wondering is there any Neurosurgeon doctor from Malaysia or Asia is good and which doctor have the experience in handling this kind of operation with success story. Do you have any recommendation?

    Besides, may i know is it exercise can help in reduce the hand weakness or it might cause the condition getting worse? What type of exercise is recommended?
    Is there any other way can help in reduce the symptoms?


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    Hello. Is there somewhere you can read more about this procedure?
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