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Thread: what's the most reliable and durable power wheelchair?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cass View Post
    quickie is the only power chair company that would work w/my customized requests. i have flip up armrests on my p200/p222 chairs, the exact same as on their manual chairs, only i don't lift and swivel, they flip up. no junk hanging off them, no release levers. i posted pics once before of this.

    i have a jay back. talk to quickie engineering, NOT sales rep.

    a pic. in this pic, both armrests are down. you can see the jayback and jay cushion. my joystick is on arm closest to bed. all i do is flip it up to transfer.

    side view:

    note: you won't see this option on quickie site as they customized it for me. but you must talk to engineering, NOT sales.
    i see the the quickie stf height is 18.75 with motion seating compared to 17.25 for Invacare. 18.75 would be too high for me. I need to sit low because its easier to see when I drive and eat at restaurants. That sucks i watched a video on the Quickie and its a savage beat. looks like i might have to stick with shitvacare

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    that's too bad with my jay cushion i fit under almost everything. in fact, i don't remember last time i didn't. out of curiosity, i'm gonna measure my seat height.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eversonsail View Post
    Greetings P/C fans, Pride products and their customer service suck pond water!!!!!
    I have to agree. My 6000z has been a lemon. I have had major problems with the legrests and the electronics. And lets not mention after using the swingaway arm on the joystick the chair stops running.

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    That's how Permobil describes its new F5 front-wheel-drive power chair with Corpus seating. Its owner can stand and drive at any point of the standing sequence.

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    Has anybody tried a Bounder wheelchair. I like the speed of up to 11.5 MPH, but I've never heard heard anything about their reliability.

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    My best friend has owned Permobil FWD power chairs since 2002. Mostly the Chairman 2K, and the C300 which is the one she has now. Both power chairs give her constant trouble that requires the repair technician to come out to her house quite often. I've had a Quickie S-525 RWD power chair from 2001 to last year. To which I replaced it with my QM-710 that I have now. My S-525 gave me 13 years of use with few problems. When I was starting the process of getting a new power chair last year. I looked at other models of power chairs. But, after the good experience I had with my first power chair. I wanted to go with another Quickie model power chair. With the way my house is set up. I had to go with a mid-wheel drive one. It was a toss up between the QM-710, and the Pulse 6. But, in the end. I went with the QM-710.

    People have told me that it's a good power chair. It has a comfortable ride too because of the Spider-Trac suspension.

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