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Thread: Why tilite over quickie?

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    Why tilite over quickie?

    Would like to hear some reasons......opionions?

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    Never owned a tilite .. but if they're the only makers of titanium, reason alone.
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    I went from a quickie GT to a tilite ZRA (series2). I was just looking for the smallest, lightest weight chair i could get, and it seemed to be the ticket.

    The tilite is light weight, but it also came with some pretty serious issues. The back that originally came with it was a huge piece of over-engineered under-tested garbage, and it took months (literally) to get them to replace it. I can't see any excuse for making me go through my DME to fix a defective (more or less recalled) part.

    All in all, I'd say the only major difference is the weight, which really isn't that big of a deal, although it is kinda nice hauling a few less pounds over me into the passengers seat when I get into the car. I'd give Quickie the edge on build quality, in three years of relatively hard use it held up really well.

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    They're not the only titanium chair maker.

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    They're definitely not the only company that uses titanium.

    Its personal choice. For me quickie offered things I needed that tilite did not. I love my chair, and its exactly what I needed and wanted. The only thing I would change is the cushion, and I'm working on that!
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    Quickie is getting out of it .. insurance doesn't want to pay for it and the raw material is too costly. This was discussed almost a year ago.

    Did that change?
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    I'm currently in the process of getting my paperwork in order (finally) to submit for a TiLite ZRA. I currently ride a Quickie GPV. i have demoed the ZRA several times so I can tell a difference between the two chairs and between TiLite and Quickie.

    My Quickie is five years old, and one reason I am upgrading is because the frame is really big and heavy. It is a full frame and it is also really long and sticks way out in the front. The chair is an inch too large to fit in any conventional car trunk, and takes up almost an entire back seat of a car even when it is folded down.

    I really appreciate that TiLite creates very lightweight compact wheelchairs. The ZRA is a chair that I could pass over my body and across a car seat if I wanted to drive a car, to stow in the seat next to me or behind me. I could never do that with my current chair. The titanium is also a strong material that doesn't scratch too easily-although it can scratch. The profile of the ZRA is very compact and my feet will be positioned as if I were sitting in a regular chair or at a desk, instead of way out in front of me.

    This is just a comparison in general of two wheelchairs that happen to be from Quickie and TiLite. When it came to buying a new chair, I had heard so many positive reviews of the TiLite ZR and ZRA and once I demoed one I knew it felt right. I also demoed a Quickie Q7 but it felt too bulky to me and I am really looking for a compact frame, so that ruled out the Q7 for me right away.

    Before I had my Quickie GPV, I had another used Quickie, and I can't remember the name of the chair. However, I have always been impressed with the product's durability and quality. If the Q7 had been less bulky I would have been happy to stay with Quickie. I think they are a great company as well. It's really a matter of preference for the vast majority of people, as to which company they choose.
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    I used a borrowed Quickie2 for several months before deciding to get a TiLite AeroZ (aluminum). I chose the AeroZ for the following reasons: rigid instead of folding (single axle tube), minimum frame holes, frame style, availability of flip-back footrest, available RSH (14.5" w/ 24" wheels), and availability of reinforced frame (for future power assist retrofit). I don't need titanium because a few pounds makes no difference to me (I stand to load my chair). After riding in a Q2, I wanted something solid beneath me (I could wiggle the Q2 all over the place). Albeit comparing a Q2 to an AeroZ is like comparing apples and oranges.

    I researched many available chairs, their features, options, and reputations; then whittled my choices down to Colours Razorblade, KI Mobility Tsunami, and TiLite AeroZ.

    I love my AeroZ. If I had to order again today, I would test ride an Icon for comparison. But if the Icon were unavailable (or if a flip-back footrest remains unavailable), I would choose the AeroZ again in a heart beat.

    I would not even consider a Quickie again, primarily because I believe Quickie to be a mass production chair. I worked in construction for many years - I appreciate quality tools - TiLite builds a quality chair. (They did have some major issues when they introduced their ZRA Series 2, but they did some remedial redesign.)
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    I had so many problems with the 2 Quickie chairs I owned prior to my TiLite ZR (a Quickie R2 and a GT). I am very hard on my things and my chairs are no different. I had issues with the forks, the camber tubes, side guards (HATE the side guards on a Quickie), broken welds, etc. I went with a ZR hoping I would find a chair that would stand up to the trials I put it through...and I did find it. My ZR never gave me an issue. The only things I needed to change often were bearings in the casters and tires. The only thing that finally bent my frame (after 4 years of owning it) was a scooter that was not tied down in the plane prior to take off and landing which slammed into my chair, bending my frame.

    I will NEVER get a Quickie chair again....the weld issues alone keeps me from getting it. I am not the only one with the weld issue...many people I know have broken the welds on their Quickie...and not doing anything except for sitting in it. All of this though is personal you see from the other responses.
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    I've used 2 quickies, they never seem to balanced right. They are either tippy or dumpy(or in the case of the Quickie Ti, both). Seems to not have it tippy, it is a struggle popping wheelies is too hard. The Quickie Ti was very tippy and the front had so much flex, you had to watch and make sure it didn't catch a crack or rock in the sidewalk and catapult you out of it.

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