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Thread: Breckenridge - Looking for Info

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    Breckenridge - Looking for Info

    I am looking for information on lodging at Breckenridge. I'd like to take a vacation there next winter (2013) and would apprecaite any info from someone who uses a wheelchair and stayed at the mountain or near Main Street.
    I've checked with the Adaptive Program and it sounds great! But not too much accessibility at the mountain hotels/lodging, or at least what I've found so far.
    Any info about the ski program, lodging, transportation to and from mountain or anything esle at Breck would be greatly appreciated.

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    Cynthia, e-mail or call the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center. They are leaders in the adaptive sports field and I'm sure they will have helpful suggestions for you.

    What a beautiful place Breckenridge is - hope you'll have a wonderful vacation there!

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    I stayed at the Lodge and Spa during the off season and it was OK accessibility-wise. It's a very beautiful and friendly place, however, I think I want to stay somewhere else next time. Right now, I'm going through all the places on and seeing which one's look the most appropriate for a wheelchair and then going to call to see if the measurements are big enough and see if the place itself is accessible. Good luck! You could always stay at a hotel, as most of those places will have a handicap suite.

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    My son is living in Steamboat and working as a snowmobile guide as we speak until the middle of April or so. He has lots of experience with me working with several sip n puff quads in our area. He has traveled with us on several occasions. I have no doubt he would be willing to put a real eye on any possibilities there if needed on his days off. Shoot me an email if you think he could help. EW.

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    I live in Breckenridge full time. The Grand Lodge is all set for wheelchairs, easy to use the pools (I go up there alot) and slopeside so right out the door to the runs. PM me if there's any specifics you want to know.

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    Excellent info and recommendations - thank you, everyone! As I get back into the mode of checking this stuff out, I will post anything I find, and will follow-up on your suggestions. I might be e-mailing you or your contacts, as you suggested.
    Thanks again!

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    I have been to Breckenridge and happen to really like it too. I think most places nowadays are sufficiently accommodating to people who use wheelchairs too. I think that contacting the lodging in Breckenridge will be your best bet though. I wish you a wonderful vacation!

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