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Thread: Household Products Delivery Service

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    Smile Household Products Delivery Service

    I just heard about a new business which is trying to start in the
    northeastern United States and then expand to a wider area. They will
    deliver household products, such as paper towels, to your door. I am
    thinking that this could be a useful service for someone who cannot go
    shopping easily. I know nothing about the people who are running this or
    how their prices compare. Here is the URL:

    Do people think this service would be useful?
    If you try it, would it be good to post feedback here?

    Is this group the right place to post this?
    I was not sure where I should post it.


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    I would just use
    C5 as of 6-13- 2010

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    While certainly would work, these folks advertise showing up monthly. I would imagine that one could pay less extra for the shipping if they are already delivering to the neighborhood.

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    I've used a few times. Worked well.
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    I use Amazon for virtually everything. Household supplies, cat food, energy bars and drinks, tea, coffee, you name it. Most times if you spend $25 or more there is no charge for shipping, or you can join Prime (80/year) and everything ships for free in two days, plus you get an entire huge library of streamed videos you can watch for free.

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