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Thread: Any homemade therapy tables?

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    Post Any homemade therapy tables?

    I'm looking to build a therapy table so that I can continue my stretching and other exercises I began at the hospital. If anyone has photos, instructions, or a "how to" guide, I would be very happy.

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    Not the best picture. I built this about 5 yrs ago. Its 5'wx6'd and 17"h
    Cost about $250 to build,the mats were the biggest part of it. I put it on hinges so it can be swung up against the wall for more room, plus there's a dart board under it lol.

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    I'm jealous! Someday, when I live in a house, I'm going to have an exercise room. My vita glide & standing frame take up a lot of space in our apartment, and I have to do exercises on the floor (adding an icky floor/chair transfer) or on the squishy daybed (not great support for weightlifting).

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    I just built my husband one too. Its 4 foot by 6.5 foot. It has four legs, I used two queen size memory foam pads from Kmart and then covered it in a piece of black leather. We had everything but the two foam pads so I only have $50 bucks in it. Its 18" tall. (I measured from the bottom of his foot to the bend of his knee in a sitting position to determine the height)

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