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Thread: I walked today

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    I walked today

    For the first time since my injury (T-7-8) in February 2006, I walked without any assistance. With my PT and Athletic trainer at my side, I walked 500 feet without holding on to anything or leaning on them for support. For those unfamiliar with my history, I began my rehab journey paralyzed from the waste down . My PT at the hospital assisted in the selection of a wheel chair as a resident doctor told me I would never walk again and that I would have to learn to cafe myself. Well, after 6 weeks, I was fitted for 2 KAFO's and given a walker at a rehab facility, where I rehabbed 3 days a week 1 hour per day. After 6 months of this therapy, I graduated to a facility here in Michigan. (Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan) The therapy sessions are 3 hours per day 3 days week. After 3 months of this intensive therapy, 1 KAFO was removed. Then 3months later the second KAFO was reduced to a AFO and the walker was traded in for loft strands. Approximately 3months later I was given a quad base cane, then a single cane several months later. My dorsiflexors have been the last to return, but I was able to rid myself of the AFO when I purchased the Bioness L-300 to assist with my dropped foot. I have used this device with a single based cane since the summer of 2007. Things had been pretty much the same until today's break through. Ironically I prayed this morning for a break through and God blessed me with a major break through today. I apologize for the long history, but I wanted to share this with those that doubt recovery after 16-18 months post injury.
    An those of us that excercise regularly and travel to our respective therapy destinations to keep going, don't give up, remain persistent and be prayerful. Your break through is coming!

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    That is fantastic. Keep it up!


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    Awesome kelrod
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    Congratulations and keep up the fabulous work. You must feel so great.

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    Congratulations! Keep it up!

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    "We have met the enemy and he is us."-POGO.

    "I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it."~Edgar Allan Poe

    "Dream big, you might never wake up!"- Snoop Dogg

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    Dear kelrod,

    What a way to PUT OUT in recovery. I hope you can build on this mile stone to start to discover even MORE return post injury!

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    Thanks everyone for your kind words. I am very excited and feel reinvigorated. I plan to work even harder than ever!

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    Hey Kelrod.
    Great work.
    I am interested in the Bioness L-300 that you use. I don't know anyone who has used that. How is it? How did you know that it would work for you? Where did you get it? Anything you could share about it would be appreciated.

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    Thanks for sharing your exciting news...I loved reading those three words I WALKED TODAY.

    Sharon (mom of a T4 complete)

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