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Thread: Just found this forum, questions on treatments

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    Just found this forum, questions on treatments

    Hello all....second post, first day of knowing of this site.

    My troubles started to get out of control in 2010 after being rear ended. Stenosis and since it was Workers Comp all docs seemed hesitant of doing to much. When I finally stopped the WC Claim and went to Yale I understood my ailment a lot better. Now it manifest itself like sciatica which it very well is, that and neuropathic pain I believe are the same. My back is a mess, bone on bone at two levels, L4/L5 and L5/S1, that was also where the stenosis was. I also have degeneration going up. The surgery went well but there was no decrease in pain. So either I have a damaged nerve (hopefully not permanent) or something else. The surgery did not require fusing, bi lateral partial laminectomy and foraminotmy at both levels. I have tried lyrica, gabba pentin, and now cymbalta (I am hoping for some relieve from the cymbalta). I have had 7 or so injections with only 2 giving minimal relief. My pain starts when I am standing or walking for a few minutes, lying on my back is ok, pain free most times. lying on stomach and right side ok too (problem is on left from buttock, thigh, calve and sometimes bottom of foot. Not sure what else to add, also took an injection in my piraformis with no positive results pain wise but when pressed there is no pain there now.

    thanks for reading


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    Mike, I think a lot of my issues (the accident just brought them into that perfect storm) have come from driving for a living as a salesrep for over 30 years.... My back has been bad for years but this is another deal, the back I can deal with (for now), this which of course is my back but manifests in my leg, is just difficult. Get your friend to see an othopod or Neurosurgeon, get an MRI and maybe a catscan so he can at least know what he is dealing with. Balance may be other things too I believe, including issues with he inner ear. I think if he is not having back pain I would suggest to add an ENT doc to the list. Hope he finds a solution, you are a good friend.

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    Sorry JRS, I had to get rid of Mike's post. He was a spammer using a tactic we've seen here occasionally but all he wanted was to promote his commercial link. Just wanted to let you know why it was missing and assure anyone else viewing this thread that you're not just talking to yourself, lol

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