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Thread: Beijing - Tim C's OEG surgery report

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    I know the pain you described in your June 30th post. I have the very same pain ever since I was shot, April 16 1992. I am looking for ways to raise the funds for the surgury in China. My dream is to have the pain gone FOREVER! Anything else would be a blessing but is not expected.

    Wishing you continued success!!!!

    Michael T. Durham

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    I had my MRI put on a cd. I asked the technician where I had it done if he could do it and he arranged everything. I had to wait 2 weeks and it was fedexed to my house.

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    Tim, what is your pain level now? Your experience is scary to those of us who suffer from neurogenic pain. Was it all worth it then? I am not sure I understand what progress you have made?

    gretchen 1

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