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Thread: Contractor trouble

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    Contractor trouble

    My contractor seems to think I wont have enough space to put a stackable washing machine in my new 9' x 10' bathroom. He insists we must have a clear 5' turning radius. Is that much empty floor space really needed?

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    Contractors can now be certified in both ADA and Universal Design. Whoever teaches the ADA stuff obviously is clueless in one area. Let your contractor know that the 5' radius is per the ADA for public areas like hotel bathrooms and restaurants. In private homes the ADA does not apply. Using cardboard boxes or tape mark off the area for the appliances and then check to see if you can move around them easily and be able to do everything necessary. If you can then tell him to put them where you want them. We have a slight hole in a wall because the carpenter our general contractor uses put in back up board for a pull down grab bar at ADA height. When my husband showed him where he needed the grab bar to push up on after he has hip surgery the back up was a bit too low.
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    Thanks Sue,
    I don't feel I can be too demanding as he is not charging for his services and realizes that we are working with a limited budget. I am a little apprehensive about the accessible toilet and sink he salvaged from another job he is going to give us.

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    If you don't have a central drain to service the whole bathroom floor you may want some kind of water collection tray beneath the washer in case of malfunction.

    Even if his services are free you should be able to state your views. The tape on floor is a good idea. I do think he is using ADA regs innappropriately in this case.

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    Depends on the type of chair. Power chairs with rehab seating can be behemoths. And even if you aren't in one now, you should consider the long term. What about a hoyer lift? Even 5' could be tight for that.

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