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Thread: Has anyone heard of (NTI)National Telecommuting Institute?

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    Question Has anyone heard of (NTI)National Telecommuting Institute?

    So I received a random call from this company. I have no clue how they got hold of me. They left me a message saying that there is a job opening where I can work at home. I've never heard of them. To be honest, I don't know if they are legit. I looked up they're looks reputable but I'm still iffy. Lemme know if you guys have heard of them or have experience working with them. Thanks!

    Check it out & lemme know what you guys think

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    Seems legit. If they don't charge you any money to join, then it's probably not a scam.
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    my neighbor has gotten many jobs through them. i did part of their process but had to stop due to school. so it's legit
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    Thanks! Just playing it safe. You never know now a days...geez! I sound old. Hahaha.

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    I know this thread is old however I got a call today from this company as well and was wondering if 28darline tried getting a job through them or if anyone else has tried?
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    seems like there was a post about this place last year, not sure what was said, just remember something about it
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    It's not a scam. I have worked with them and it's a legit company.

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    This is definately legit, worked for them a few years now. The thing I like about them is it is work at home, go for it.
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