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Thread: Are crutches only for lower level injuries

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    The most important is motivation. If KAFOs do not work there are still some options like HKAFOs and RGOs. Another option to be able to stand up and be mobile is this:
    Of course, there are other options of standing wheelchairs including manual ones.

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    A better question might be....

    ....Complete or Incomplete.

    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    I think T6 is too high, you don't have the trunk control.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eric.S View Post
    Damn it!!!
    Dear Eric.S,

    You are looking at level when you should be looking at severity of cord damage. In the case of T8burst he is COMPLETE where in my case I am T-4 INCOMPLETE. I have some motor function below my level of injury. While I am "on my feet" I wobble when I "Walk". I can feel pain at my injury location and can ambulate short distance with adaptive equipment. It might be just one single neuron that is still connected across the damaged area of my spine but I am working the HELL out of that single neuro-connection. I have to admit I cannot stop and just not work at exercising what is left of my legs, other wise I tend to loose what I have achieved. What T8burst and I share is the degenerative attributes of SCI such as Osteoporosis, muscle atrophy, AD and such.

    Ask one of the SCI Nurse to weigh in. They should be able to confirm that it depends more on damage to the cord rather than vertebrae level on the spine.

    For your own sake do not give up on WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF YOUR OWN RECOVERY. Like most of every one here my first neurosurgeon said that I would NEVER walk again. Sometimes will power is better than medical education. As some have mentioned here on other posts there are several "high intensive" type therapy programs such as:
    1) Project Walk ->
    4) SCI-Step

    Do for YOU,

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    My husband is a T4 and recently got the okay to get KAFOs, but he was told from the beginning that expecting to walk with arm crutches was unrealistic for him. He'll need to use a walker. He's technically a complete, though we call him the "most incomplete of completes" because he has gotten quite a bit back below his injury, including some ab control and hip flexor movement (but he still can't feel a finger in his ASIA A). He goes to a place called SCI-FIT here in Pleasanton, CA, which is similar to Project Walk/SCI-Step/etc. That's been great for him and has helped maximize return, so I'd encourage you to try working with something like that if you can.

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    I'm a complete T6. I tried braces and even built my own that had the feet joined together. Even when I got where I could walk with them, that's all I could do. I couldn't let go of the crutches to work, paint, reach stuff, so found them more of a hindrance than help. I even see the exoskeletons now days and they still have to hang on to the crutches. At least in my chair I can use my hands, carry stuff on my lap.

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    hi RAFS,

    To be honest, I don't use them unless someone is around. Depending who it is and how well they know me. The PT's have to be right on top of me the whole time, where as at home I'll amble around the house while someone is cooking or watching TV etc. Usually just have them close by when I am standing or sitting etc.

    I don't really look at RGO's as a functional replacement for the wheelchair, my injury is too high, but they provide great exercise, I get to standup and bang my feet on the floor while walking. Unlike standers where you just stand there and don't get any major vibrations to your body. If anything is going to keep the bones strong in my legs it's the jumping up
    and down and providing some solid banging with my full body weight.
    When I am standing my pain is a lot less too.

    I have some more videos up on youtube, PT sessions, nothing is edited so they are pretty long. The RGO's and WalkAide are constantly being tuned, adjusted and experimented with. Some adjustments are more successful than others, some are a step back. It's not a perfect science, some days my body below the injury does not want to play well. Getting consistency is hard as you never know when muscles will spasm and just stay contracted, but it's better than sitting on my arse.

    This is after standing for over an hour and one of the more interesting recent segments I uploaded from a PT session.

    Did my in-patient at haborview seattle.

    An 82 year old lady decided she didn't have the time to wait for me to clear the junction before she took a left turn into me, I had a green, she had a flashing yellow.

    Quote Originally Posted by RAFS View Post
    Hi NW Will,
    I was wondering if you gotten to the point of not having anyone be present for you to be able to use your RGO'S and how much progress have you made with them since your YOU TUBE videos in an old post I looked at from some time last year in 2011? Hope you don't mind me asking how did you get hurt and did you rehab in the big hospital in Seattle? I can't think of the name of it at the moment. You might know the name of the hospital I'm talking about. I was just out your way last year from December 15, 2011 to January 4, 2012. I was invited out for the holidays by a high school friend who lives in Gig Harbor Washington south of Seattle. Had a nice time. I had a very very embarassing situation my first night in my friends house my colostomy bag got over filled and came unglued from my belly and went all over one part of the mattress and on the carpeting in the room I was sleeping in basement of his place. I thought I was going to die the next day when I had to tell my friend what happened. I had never been to his house before.
    Hope you will send me a reply and if you do please send it to my e-mail address as my inbox on here is pretty full My e-mail addy is :
    Hope to hear back from you soon letting me know how your doing and how much progress you've made so far using your RGO.

    Take Care !

    Your Fellow Leg Bracing Buddy & Cure Care Member,
    aka bob s.
    spring hill, fla .

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