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Thread: Quadriplegic dog... here we go

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    Quadriplegic dog... here we go

    how does this make you feel?

    My aunt sent this out to all her fellow 'dog lovers' :eyeroll:
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    LOLOL I couldn't understand and was gonna post why is this Christian inspirational website playing Eminem/D12 as the background music to this video...though some lyrics seemed to line up just fine w/ the doggie walking.

    I forgot I had Pandora playing on another tab.

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    ok the end made me choke up could it not? I think the therapist are amazing too..such patience.
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    Made me cry for sure! Awesome so happy for both of them!

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    I've been outdone by a dog. Sad face...

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    Very nice...Obviously the dog had something not as severe as most of us...But very nice indeed

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    Oh! wow in tears my eyeliner ran.... Happy for the dog and his family.

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    Like it's cruel .. throughout the entire video .. until the last few seconds.

    I don't get the context .. was the dog hit by a car and broke its neck or what was the deal?

    Does your aunt think the rest of us don't try hard enough? lol
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    Wonderful. The only word that came to mind.
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