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    Brucker biofeedback

    I have read all of the past threads on Brucker biofeedback with interest. My son, who suffered a C5 spinal injury plus traumatic brain injury two and a half years ago, has been advised that this therapy could be helpful for him by identifying and strengthening existing nerve function that even he might be unaware of. (He has sensation everywhere and quite a lot of movement -- ASIA C -- but most of it is not strong enough to be useful.) I read Dr Laurance Johnston's article, which includes a list of centres offering this treatment. The one closest to us (Beijing) is no longer in operation. I contacted the Miami headquarters and they told me that since Dr Brucker's death they have no real link with any of the centres set up by people he trained -- so we will have to look for a way to get our son to Miami as soon as we can.

    Has anyone had this therapy recently, either in Miami or elsewhere? I would be interested to hear anything anyone can tell me about their experience of the treatment and the effect it had on them.
    Thanks in advance.

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    i did it with dr brucker im miami ,think it was basicaly let u focus on individual muscles...we did traps, then shoulders, mid back, low back etc....while u try ur hardest to move/flex/contract that muscle...u watch the graph, a muscle contraction will move the line on the graph higher the stronger u are..... and try to maintain a certain level for a certain time...each time u try for a higher level.....its basically a focused workout of a specific muscle to create/improve a pathway from brain to muscle and helps u learn that feeling as well as strentghening the muscle if there is movement there.......i only went for bout 2-3 months..2x a week sometimes 3x week....hard to say what i got out of it...was a while ago....i mean, all your doing is trying to move a certain part which u can do at home...the machine does nothing to you, just reads if the muscle flexes...i compared it to running on a treadmill, you can jog anywhere, but on the treadmill, you know how far/how fast/ you get data-ie-biofeedback....just my opinion
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    Thanks for your thoughts, roc21. Do others agree? Anyone have a different view?

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