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Thread: My son has t1-t2 I have ?s

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    Question My son has t1-t2 I have ?s

    My 2year old son and i were in a car accident this past November and he was left paralyzed I was wondering if there is anyone on here with his same level of injury and if so I would like to ask if there is any possibility of him regaining his ability to walk and what kind of complications he might have to face so I can be more prepared for it. Ty it would really help alot

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    Do you know his AIS (A ,B, etc.)?

    Did he have inpt. Rehab at a specialty SCI center? Has he had any return yet? It will take at least 24 months to know if he will get return & how much.


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    Every SCI is different, so it is hard to tell. Standard advice is to hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. I would imagine that at 2, if he is incomplete, he may grow up compensating for his limitations far better than we who were injured late in life. I wish you the best of luck, and If you can answer KLD's questions, some on here can give a bit more specific answers.
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    Sending Light and Prayers


    First I want to say how much I empathize with your situation. It is always very difficult when bad things happen to our children.

    A little bit about myself. I was injured about 18 months ago and was initiatlly diagnosed as a T2 ASIA "A" complete injury. Upon discharge, I was re-examined and reclassified as a T2 ASIA "B" incomplete injury. I hold out hope that I will walk again and pray on a daily basis. I don't consider myself a religious person but rather a spiritual one. I have had increased feeling, but not at the skin level, in both my legs. The one thing I will say, and this is what I believe, is that none of the doctors or anyone else can tell you with 100% certainty whether your son will walk again or not. I was rehabbed at UW, which is rated #3 in the country and the doctors there even admitted they don't really know with certainty.

    Get good rehab, take advantage of the equipment, exercise, do range of motion and keep him healthy so when he does get up to walk again, his body will be ready.

    again, all the very best and see your son walking and it will happen!!

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