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Thread: Why do they do it?

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    This is my opinion.
    In this sue crazy society in the US. If a doctor tells you, you will get better and you don't you might sue them. No body is going to sue if you say you won't get better and you do.
    Doctors have huge egos. So when they give you the worst diagnosis and you exceed it, they can say: Look how good a doctor I am. Its tough on that ego, if they say, you will be fine and you don't.

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    BFD- I believe that you definitely have a point. For some reason this is a topic that I have given a lot of thought. I have gone through the why are they so pessimistic? I thnk SCI nurse has a point in that it is important no matter our recovery to come to grips with our new condition. It certainly was with me. All the while I was getting return I was embracing life in a chair. Being able to kick my legs 2 inches was exciting but I had to prepare for the worst. Rehab helped me with that. Not while I was there, but months later when I finally got their mission.

    No matter what return I ultimately achieve; as the nurse suggests, it is so rare to recover fully. Though I am not sure (in the broader sci community) her experience represents a big enough sample to draw confident conclusions; her point is correct. Regardless of return, we will need to start living our lives differently and in some strange way, giving us the worst prognosis may encourage this. I can only speak for myself. I never believed that I wouldn't walk again. But the attitude of the rehab center had to the opposite. They have to operate on the assumption that we are going to face a life of challenge and prepare us for that because it will be for us no matter what.

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