Hi hoping someone can help me out i fell at work in january had an mri in feb. it showed there in a mild anterior compression defomity of L1, which apperars to be chronic in nature. mild disc space narrowing and small schmorl's nodes at the T12-L1 and L1-2 levels gives the impression of a longstanding process. the conus terminates at the L2 level. The paraspinal soft tissues are grossly unremarkable
Impression, discdegeneration and a mild diffuse disc bulge at L4-5 with no central spinal canal stenosis , noting only a minimal drgree of asymmetri narrowing of the right neural foramen. 2. mild anterior compression deformity of L1 Which appears to be chronic in nature ....i am 45 and realize that aging effects the spine however one year ago my doctor ordered a MRI, to rule out my back due to cronic leg pain. and the outcome of that MRI is grossly remarkable with no issues and the workmans comp doctor is telling me that the MRI is normal however i have real conserns because i now am suffering every day with chronic lumbar pain and my first mri shows nothing and now a year later it is showing all these different issues unsure if its because of the fall or just age issues but i believe 1 year difference alot has happened if its age please need some advice