The past few times I shat it's been loose to soft diarrhea, even sometimes showing up green. Ugh! I even see some of the fucking small pills inside the capsule of my anti-depressant in my shit. I've no clue what happened, but I do recall that my transit time seemed to speed up prior to this. Instead of wanting to go every third or even possibly fourth day, I wanted every other day or felt stuffed.

Tonight, I tried for the second time to go today because this morning was half-ass and I felt bloated, sick to stomach, and just backed up all day. Well, I finally shat well tonight, though, there was enough blood on the glove I thought Edward Cullen was cornholing me for feeding purposes.

Question: Before going but after putting in suppository, my head became warm and I felt really fused. Even before this, I felt slightly warm, thought I was even headed for another UTI. After I shat, the warmth went away, but I sweated and feel slightly dizzy if I move too much. Is this blood pressure changes messing with me? The symptoms are very similar to fever, but I'm not having fever.

Thanks for answers and hoped I gave you a chuckle,