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Thread: What do you do when you have a massive cold?

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    Unhappy What do you do when you have a massive cold?

    I have a bad head cold? Extremely tired, sneezing, sore throat, and ears somewhat hurt too, eyes/forehead region are heavy. Not really congested or coughing. I also feel like I'm feverish when I have colds, but my temp is under 98.6. To top it off spring break started Monday and that's the day I woke up to 70 degree weather and excitement... and pink eye too. Ugh I never get sick.

    Just kinda a fun thread. What do you do when you're sick?

    I've been eating chx noodle soup, drinking hot tea, gatorade, and not much more. Not hungry. I would like to just lie in bed and sleep or watch tv, but I have responsibilities so get up plus don't want any cold settling in my chest/lungs. Oh I only went to the eye dr and he rx'ed antibiotic/steroid eyedrops. Figure the cold will run its course and no need for regular dr visit.

    There are other things I should be doing like eating fresh fruit and veggies that are sitting in the fridge. Taking vitamins. Sleeping more. I'm not though!

    Getting ready to take Alka-Seltzer Plus Night Cold Formula and head to bed. zzzzzzz
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    I swear by Theraflu Extreme Cold Night Formula-the lemon kind you mix with hot water.

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    I say for you:
    Call your guy.... make the most of that low groggy sickly sore throat - but still use that cute sweet lil voice of yours, mind you - add some breathiness here and there, pull out a weak pitiful little *cough* or two for good measure... he'll come right over....let him take care of the sickly cute mess that is you.... but make sure he walks your new baby and cleans up his not so cute mess!

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    I hate colds with a passion. They seem to knock me out for a long time and, whether coincidence or not, the last three times I've had colds or flus I've wound up with some other serious problem.

    I don't have any advice either, I mean, I'm not really qualified to give advice since it doesn't work. I try to rest a lot and buy a lot of tissues.

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    GNC Clear Lungs...was my savoir..and of course drink water everytime you cough..lots of water.
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    Can you chop the veggies/puree into the soup so you get the vitamins etc?

    You need them right now as well as the water/moisture from the soup.

    Theraflu and drink more fluids than usual. I try to con someone into putting a real chicken into the crockpot if I don't feel like it myself then eat chicken noodle soup for a few days or variations of chicken something. I try to avoid caffeine because of the pee more than usual thing because drinking more fluids cycle....

    I hope you feel better soon. It can't feel good in 70 degree'd rather be outside enjoying it.
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    Sleep. Drugs. Favorite foods. Bad TV. Drink drink drink.

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    I get those same symptoms from a seasonal pollen allergy and allergy season is early this year. What you may need is some Allegra, Claritin, or one of the other otc allergy meds out there.
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    Be careful of the allergy medications and anything that might contain anti-histamines/decongestants.... they may effect your bladder (retention) and depending on how long and how much of them you take, your bowel (constipation). Fluids. Rest. and anything else that makes you feel better. I always use my favorite jammies!

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    It seems like my colds always last longer than normal, but I've been suprisingly lucky this winter. I think you are on the right track with alka seltzers plus! Thats what I always use(the drink ones) day & night when I'm sick and it seems to really make the symptoms better.

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