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Yes I received this letter as well. The letter states that reimbursement will be 10-15 business days after the appointment. I am a broke vet going through ptsd work. My VA days consist of driving over four hours round trip. I have never minded this as the Madison,WI VA is top tier in my opinion. I only have 60% so every month after expenses I am broke, but I dont mind bunkering in at those times. When I have an appointment in those times it is easy to borrow money to get there, fill up and repay when I return, But 10-15 days later does not help me. The VA expresses their concern about no shows, this is only going to help them increase. I expressed my concern at my last appointment and found that staff and veterans agree that this is not good, they informed me there was nothing that could be done other than contacting congress, so I started that yesterday. Travel pay ensures that I can make my appointments and without it Im not quite sure. Also on days that I may only have a primary care appointment they will only pay a value of distance to the closest VA which is in a different system. This was fine as it was, the government wants to cut costs, I understand that, but there are many larger wastes out there to be addressed. If they want to cut costs, they should do away with the medical facilities that are not veteran specific and give us a VA insurance card to go to any hospital...
The long wait to get travel reimbursement has hurt me
also. I have to drive 4 hours round trip and because of my disability, seizures, I'm not able to work much. I understand that it cuts down on lines and paperwork, but it sure would be great if they could expedite the time it takes for the direct deposit to go through