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Thread: 18x17+1 85 Degree ZRA2 with Ride Custom Cushion

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    I just noticed the calf strap on that chair. Is that from TiLite? It is a lot nicer than mine.

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    It's the Bodypoint Aeromesh Padded Calf strap. It is now an option TiLite's and on several other manufacturer's order forms.

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    Another home run. One of these days I am going to get me one of these.
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    Great looking chair. What's the padded calf strap size, large or medium? Thanks, SCI_OTR for all your posts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    Bottom line: too many wheelchair users are wheelchair illiterate.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianm View Post
    I have been working with a rehab/Dr/DME for awhile now on getting a new chair, we are waiting on the insurance right now.

    It is funny that when I went from my previous chair to my TR the differences were dramatic, so no wonder I fretted over the decisions. Now I want some subtle changes and I still fret over them.

    Changes include, besides paint...

    * Going from 19.5 front (really 19.75 with caster in bottom) by 16 rear to 20f and 15.5r; this is where I struggle most. More later.

    * Regular forks with 5x1.5 instead of FL forks and 4x1.5

    * 85 degree front instead of 80

    * +0.75" instead of +1"

    * Standard footrest instead of flip back footrest

    * ADI solid back

    I think that covers it.

    I want a little more foot clearance so going a little higher in the front and not using the flip-back footrest which has a bar around back.

    I also want to be down in the wheels a tad more, hence the 0.5" lower in the rear. This is where I fret; this is quite a bit of dump and while I think I will be fine using the chair this way, I wonder if hard on the body in any way. Leaves me wondering if 25" wheels would be better to get the same result.

    More dump is in no way good for you!! I would go with 25" Wheels instead.
    I decreased dump from 4" to 1 1/2" And I have never felt or looked better.
    So many people fail to realize that we are not meant to be folded in to a wheelchair, dump is to provide stability, but stability also comes from a proper fitting chair. A chair that is not too wide and not too low and with a reasonable amount of dump. Side guards provide better stability than 4-5" of dump.

    From the picture in your avatar you look to be almost 6' tall, you could even go to 26" wheels. I'm 5'2" and I’m on 26" Day wheels. My seat front is 530mm/20" and my rear seat height is 490mm/19.2".

    I think that people are miss informed when it comes to dump, I know a few quads that sit in 1-2" of dump and they are very comfortable in their chair.

    I've attached my chair specs, take a look.

    This set up is much like what you are describing, only with bigger wheels and less dump. I'm an L3 Para and this chair suits me very well in daily use.
    With the 26" wheels you get a good amount of wheel to push. Also note the ergo seating for proper pelvis alignment. And the welded side guards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reyt View Post
    Great looking chair. What's the padded calf strap size, large or medium? Thanks, SCI_OTR for all your posts!

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