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Thread: Need some help

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    Need some help

    Good evening,

    The purpose of this note is to request information on centers to try different therapies for my father - spinal cord injured Cervical 4 - incomplete - 22 months after the accident already.

    After long hospitalization (12 months) and some other treatments, the pattern so far is disappointing with very limited improvement (conversely deterioration) and additional complications to the injury.

    The main problem appeared 6 months after the accident where progress came to an halt with neuronal intense pain (concentrated in his left shoulder and arm), urine complications (almost permanent infections needing intermittent soundings), severe espasticity and overall very poor life quality.

    Over the last 15 months we have not seen any progress, moreover deterioration, and we would like to try other therapies. So far all treatments were conducted by spanish hospitals (best units in the country). Honestly, we are really blocked and need new ideas to overcome the situation.

    To sum up, any guidance or help you could share with me is really welcome and appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

    Best regards,

    (PS -Feel free to drop me an email with ideas or insights)

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    I'm going to move this to the Exercise and Recovery forum because I think you'll get better responses. You could also give a bit more detail as to your father's function because 'c4 incomplete' is a very broad diagnosis.

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    Was your father in a rehabilitation setting in the hospital? Was he getting physical therapy?
    Did the doctors describe an expectation or prognosis for your father's recovery?
    Have the problems you mentioned, pain, urine infections, and severe spasticity been treated and resolved?
    Is your father willing to travel to another country for rehabilitation?
    How old is your father?

    All the best,

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    If you are near Barcellona, you should check out Step by Step Foundation

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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