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Thread: going skiing: should i bother with knobbys?

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    going skiing: should i bother with knobbys?

    hey guys.
    off to Sweden skiing on friday
    i just got a pair of knobby tires for my spinergy sx 25" (Shwable 26x2.1) and find them extreeeeeeeemly heavy and uncomfortable to ride.
    but i have never been on snow, or at a ski resort... so tell me, is it worth it?
    or should i just go with my marathon plus tires + freewheel (and add tie raps if needed??)
    i have quite a lot to travel before getting there (planes, airports, copenhagen for a day etc...), so will need to live with uncomfy wheels for a few days.
    will do it if it is worth it on the snow.



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    Have tried Ski Dubai yet (the indoor ski slope)?

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    I went the first two times with thin wheels and the last two times with knobby tires. They were much easier on snow and worth the little bit of extra push effort in the airport.

    Have a great time!

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    I've done it both ways. I'd do the knobbys. I don't find that they are much extra to push except some carpet.


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    worth it, yes.

    watch the light-colored carpet when the tires are wet though...

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    ditto pat.

    done both in the snow.havent been skiing though.but knobby is worth it.
    walking is OVER-RATED!!!

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    isn't sweden known for poor "rolling" conditions for wheelers(cobblestone paths and such)? Wider knobby tires will help with that, too.

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    I definitely noticed a big difference with the Knobbys, a lot less effort.

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    Yes definitely worth using knobbys. Here in Maine we have 4 months of snow/ice and without them it would be a big pain in the ass. Actually knobbys are the only tires I have used for the last 21 yrs.
    You will probably have to add a spacer to your front forks, or longer fork stem to keep your forks at 90 degrees.
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