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Thread: Lube packets

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    Lube packets

    Local supplier no longer carrier the packets of Surgilube.

    They are about $26 per box online, but I found PDI and Invacare brands for significantly less.

    Has anyone used either of these brands. I know some brands tend to be goopy, etc. so I figured I'd better ask around before ordering.

    Many thanks.
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    I use these, work fine and you can get them for 6 bucks for 144:

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    I like ProAdvantage water soluble, bacteriostatic, greaseless lubricating jelly. Sterile 3 gram packets. 144 packets / box. Also comes in tubes. Has a thicker consistency than many I have tried that are drippy and don't coat the catheter.

    All the best,

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    DO you need some? I have some you can have. I will be coming through there the end of the month.
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