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Thread: Public restroom cathing: safety & techniques?

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    Public restroom cathing: safety & techniques?

    I have questions about straight cathing in public restrooms. These are sometimes crowded and dirty.

    1. Is the air there even safe for cathing? Wouldn't there be airborne bacteria that would get on your hands or lubricant or the catheter either while cath was being inserted or while it is waiting on the tray? If the air smells bad, doesn't that mean it's also likely to have a lot of bacteria in it?

    2. What does one use for a tray to hold the cath, lubricant, wipes, drapes, everything else? Are there portable trays that affix to an arm of the wheelchair or something?
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    Here is what I do. I have all my stuff in one of these:

    1. Purell hands
    2. Take out catheter, extension tube, lube pack, benzo wipe.
    3. Open up catheter, hang non-business end from mouth.
    4. Open benzo wipe, wipe schmeckel and hands
    5. Open lube pack and apply to cath
    6. Stick cath in the implement of obedience get it about halfway in and attach extension tube to cath and put other end in toilet.
    7. complete insertion of catheter
    8. drain lizard.
    9. remove catheter in such a way that pee doesn't go on me or the floor
    10. cleanup

    Easy peasy.

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