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Thread: Achilles Tear? How can I tell?

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    Unhappy Achilles Tear? How can I tell?

    I'm a C6 quad. Last night I was on the bus and the driver slammed on the brakes. I slid forward out of my chair (chair was securely belted, I was not) and I crumpled to the floor. My feet were behind me and got twisted up pretty good. At first, I felt tension from my feet supporting me, then after 3-4 seconds I dropped another 6 inches all the way to the ground. I'm thinking either my feet continued to twist out of the way, my muscles relaxed, or I severely sprained/damaged the ligaments in my ankle or my Achilles. There isn't much swelling, but I feel like there is less muscle tone in my right foot, its a bit floppy, like after a good stretch or warm shower. I don't have any AD symptoms when I touch or move the foot.

    My questions are:

    - Will my ankle swell if I tore my Achilles?

    - How can I further diagnose? What scan is best and least expensive? (I'm on Medicare)

    - What type of doctor should I see if I choose to do so?

    - How can I protect and take care of foot in mean time while I wait for proper diagnosis? Elevate? No weight bearing?


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    You need X-rays and a physical examination by a physician. You should have gone to the ER immediately. Did the bus driver do an injury report?

    A tear is possible, but also a fracture. Swelling will usually, but not always occur. In order to properly diagnose a soft tissue injury, an MRI may be needed. An orthopedist would be the specialist, but an ER doctor can also make a preliminary diagnosis.

    Do you walk? Stand on a regular basis? Do a standing/weight bearing transfer? Until you get this looked at, you should keep weight off it, and probably keep the leg elevated as well. Even if you have no swelling, short periods of use of ice would be a good idea as well.


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    No injury report by bus driver. Actually he was a complete d*ck like it was my fault he drives like an ass. Sorry about venting.... Anyhow, is the ER really necessary or should I just try to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist and get an MRI scheduled? Do I need a prescription for an MRI or can I just go to an imaging center and have one done?

    Thanks for your input, I appreciate it. I'm surely not second guessing you, I just hate going to the doc. Plus multiple visits and imaging gets quite expensive if you only have Medicare.

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    One more thing, its Saturday, should I go to the ER or wait for doc appt on Monday?

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    Get it checked the the ER asap. You could have a fracture and be making it worse. The ER evaluation will determine what treatment you need based on findings, rather than guessing.
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    I would NOT recommend seeing a podiatrist for a potentially serious orthopedic injury like this! I also would recommend the ER.

    You will need a provider's order for any X-rays or imaging. You would also need a pre-authorization for the MRI from Medicare.

    On Monday you need to contact the bus company and file an injury/accident report as well. You may have some coverage through them. Do you have the names of any witnesses?


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    Quick update, back from ER, 5 hour excursion including bus ride each way. Xrays are negative, doc said there isn't much more he can do so he recommended I make an appointment with a podiatrist and neurologist... One of those docs will be able to request an MRI if they find it necessary. Even if there is ligament damage he said they might put it in a cast, but maybe not, it would heal over time.

    So another question and remember no swelling on feet, no discoloration, Achilles is intact, and no fractures.

    - Should I make this follow up appt or just let the foot be?

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