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Thread: Post Yer Walking Video

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    You guys are all doing so great! Mflounlacker, so good to finally see you 'walking the dump'. You walk real smooth. Keep at it and you'll continue to improve. Shveddy, I can hardly notice your foot drop. I also saw your 'running' video. That's what I do on the treadmill. I almost think I have better balance doing that. Saultite, what a year you have had! Huge progress! Don't give up.

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    Shveddy - Thanks for all the info about the AFO's. I've been struggling along without any bracing except the plastic Hangar brace I got shortly after my injury. Side Stix helped a lot, but when I found this thread, I realized that a lot of you guys who are doing so well use these higher end AFO's. I'm definitely going to try a few of the ones you mentioned. In the past I only braced my weaker more spastic leg. Do you wear the AFO's on both legs or just your weaker one?

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    I only wear an AFO on the weak leg, but I don't have to deal with any spasticity because I'm a lower motor neuron injury.

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    Got fitted for a Noodle TA carbon fiber AFO last week. Should be in in about 10 days. The orthotist thought it would really be a helpful addition, break up some of my tone and provide some spring and energy as well. Thanks for the tips and info on this thread. Would never have found about these devices otherwise. I'll try to post some before and after walking videos.
    As always, this site provides great information and motivation.

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    Hi everyone - okay - time I entered the CF world of AFO. I need a super rigid AFO but super thin and super light for hiking. Why should I drag 1 lb of plastic around. Should I ask my orthotist for a Noodle TA brand? I wonder if they can be constructed with rigidity. I am total flaccid below the knee... Anyone know if they can be made stout?

    The other cool thing I saw that Garro has when I visited him is an AFO that straps to his calf and goes on the outside of a kayak bootie -- he glued a vibram sole to it. Really smart. I need to make one for winter kayaking. I don't like to wear an AFO in a kayak in case I got stuck... On the GC , I wore they area neoprene sock, then an AFO, and then an oversized Solomon mesh water shoe that I could hike and be on the boat with. Worked well. I admit to jealously watching ABs rocking flip flops but they are on a different trajectory.

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    Love my Blue rockers, supper light, and pretty strong. But in a kayak they were a pain in the ass, because there wasn't room for my foot if it was at 90 degrees. Well there was just room but it was tweaking my knee pretty bad, so I just took it off, until it was time to get out.

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    Hey guys; I don't have a direct link to my walking but I attend Neuroxcel in Florida and they have videos of me and others doing robotic walking, manual walking and body strengthening. Look up Kevin under the clients section. That is me;

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    Just picked up the Noodle TA AFO this morning. I had a custom AFO made from a cast mold through Hanger Orthotics Immediately took a 1 hour crutch walk. Felt slightly quicker, but the bigger difference was the decrease in tone and fatigue. An hour is still a long walk for me; usually I would have been really stiff 10-15 minutes into the walk and muscle fatigued/proprioception depleted by the end. Those things didn't happen. This AFO gives some spring and energy return that seems to alleviate some of those problems.

    The Noodle TA has the carbon strut and plate in the front; this controls foot drop, but allows several degrees of plantar fexion. I do have a weak 3/5 degree of right ankle dorsiflexion, so I think the TA makes sense. If someone has no dorsiflexion at all, the plain Noodle might be better - the strut and plate rotate to the posterior aspect of the leg and, consequently, no plantar flexion can happen. Both are very rigid, but have some elasticity and spring. The carbon is very thin and fits easily in my New Balance running shoes without size change.

    I'll try to get some videos posted. Have to enlist my son to help.

    Thanks Shveddy. Would have never known about this without this thread.

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    Glad to hear it! fitting the carbon fiber into pretty much any shoe is another cool benefit I forgot to mention.

    Arndog - check the picture. I've only tried the toe-off which is apparently mid-range in terms of stiffness, and I found that it hardly bent at all. It would only bend slightly when the body weight was pushing down on it as I leaned forward. Judging by that, the blue rocker must be at least as stiff as the plastic one you use now.

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    Thanks - I suspect you are right - I will go try a blue rocker - it is in my destiny to have a CF AFO - what am I waiting for? I will call my Orthotist today. It almost looks so thin that it could fit into a kayak bootie -

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