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Thread: Stiff, stiff, stiffer

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    Stiff, stiff, stiffer

    I have been getting stiffer in my back, which is going into my arms, for the last few months. I have to keep moving or the stiffness increses, Mornings and nights are worst. because of being sedentary. It snaps and cracks with loss of range of motion. Legs go wider apart when on back.

    Can anything be done about this?

    I've got a baclofen pump up in 800 range, I downed it 30 percent, and felt some increased rigidity in my arms, but nothing concrete that gave me idea if pumps working right.

    I've had pump for 15 yrs, and never felt this stiff. Used to run at 400-600 range of baclofen fine. Increased to this point, and getting stiffer gradually.

    Tried a valium at night, which does nothing.

    c6-7 '94

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    Exercise is critical, if you don't move it, you lose the range of motion.

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    I think more than physical exertion, stretching and flexibility routines are key to combating stiffness.

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    That's all I do all day long is work on stretching and moving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ouch View Post
    That's all I do all day long is work on stretching and moving.
    Do you have someone who assists you in range of motion and stretching?

    All the best,

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    Have you looked into Rolfing. Also check out

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    Stretching had been essential for my son. His baclofen pump was at 350 about a year ago, but he had it filled with saline solution in January. He has been strctching about an hour a day and only has minimal rigidity and pain. The pain is easily addressed with Advil. When the pump was at 350, he was very weak. Now he is a lot stronger. Again, stretching seems to be the kwy.

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