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Thread: Propulsion biomechanics study subjects wanted

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    Propulsion biomechanics study subjects wanted

    Hey there!

    I couldn't find a good page to post introductions, so here seems like a good place.

    My name is Christina, and I'm an Occupational Therapist (OTD). I do clinical work in home health and research in wheelchair biomechanics.

    I've published a few papers on propulsion biomechanics, and currently my colleagues and I are working on a new project to develop a training protocol for new wheelchair users with a grant from the Missouri Spinal Cord Injury Foundation.

    We've almost gotten to the recruitment phase, but we're not quite there yet. We'll be looking for people who have been injured in the past 6 months who live in St. Louis.

    I don't know how frequently I'll be visiting, but I know quite a lot about manual wheelchairs and propulsion mechanics (i.e. how to push your chair to reduce chronic overuse injuries and with more efficiency).

    I also do a lot of research in other areas in my spare time and for the Skeptical Society of St. Louis, so I am quite well versed in various other more controversial subjects such as vaccine safety, alternative medicine, etc. I also write quite a bit about science-based medicine and evidence-based medicine.

    Anyway, I just felt like saying hello!
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    Welcome Chrissy

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    Chrissy--PLEASE email me at tried to send you a message and they wouldn't allow it---and I am too tired to re type it all. I NEED to get back in touch with you! Rick Delair!!!

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