I am at my wit's end. I got injured in 2005 and up until early 2007 I made steady progress. April 2007 I gave my first steps with braces. At that time, I had great range of motion, could flex/extend my legs and hips, flex my left ankle and toes. Then I started work, having agreed that I would have scheduling accommodations and time off for physical therapy. Instead of that, my boss gave me the worst possible schedule, night duty, and absolutely nom time off for PT. She bullied me and tried to make me give up. I did not give up. For the next 4 years, I kept working to save my career, no PT whatsoever. I also filed a lawsuit.
Now my range of motion is terrible, as is my spasticity. I can no longer flex or extend my knees. I have not been upright in 5 years. However, I have continued to regain sensation. I feel the hot water in the shower in larger and larger areas.
Now I wish I could resume where I left off, but it feels overwhelming. My card endurance is zero. I have gained weight. My joints crack when I try to stretch.
Where to start?
I will be moving to Houston in July for a demanding new job. Any places there where I can start slowly to undo some of the damage????