Hi everyone,

I have a stage IV ulcer that began last June because my damn insurance company provided me with a "standard" mattress instead of a "low air loss mattress while transitioning from a 19 consecutive months in a nursing home to an apartment. My insurance company provided me with a "standard" mattress instead of a low air loss mattress because according to Medicare guidelines, they won't provide anyone with a low air loss mattress until you have a stage TWO wound. They didn't provide me with the correct mattress until I called them letting them know I was in the hospital with it progressing to a infected stage IV. They didn't hesitate and delivered my low air loss mattress that afternoon. Long story short, shortly after I returned home from the hospital and into my apartment, I had to go on IV antibiotics along with a wound vac. I could only carry on a couple of weeks maintaining the IV antibiotics along with the wound vac.
ten with my caregiver helping me out. I was forced to surrender my apartment of only two months and was forced to move back into a nursing home apartment and transfer back into nursing home after only two months in m own apartment .

I am finally having a consultation for a flap on March 5 and the wound used to be 15cm x 16cm and a depth of 5cm. It is currently 3cm x 3cm with a depth of 2 cm and it also has undermining. In addition, it has a little bit of slough but not a lot. It has no escar present. Overall, it is beefy red. Under these circumstances, do you think it is healthy enough to move forward with a flap based on individuals who have had flaps in the past?

Thank you,