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Thread: I fell this morning

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    I fell this morning

    Hi, just needed to tell ppl who can understand that falling isn't the end of the world, it just happens. I have zero patience and was transferring from commode to bed. Now I have sensation so I felt that the board was only slightly on the commode but I went ahead and started to transfer. As I was within a second away from completing my transfer, the board slid off the commode and was tilting downward. I tried to keep myself up, but my right leg had turned inward and my foot was under the bed. My left leg was caught in between the commode leg rests and I started ADing which made me fear I would break something. So, I made the decision to just let myself fall than keep trying to get myself up on the bed. I fell, pushed the commode away and repositioned my legs so that they were straight right in front of me. I then called my stepdad to help get me up. He told my mom. I told my stepdad that I do not feel that I broke anything but was embarrassed. My mom I feel overreacted. I do not like that ppl make u feel worse for making a mistake. I know being in a wheelchair makes u somewhat helpless in these situations but I do keep my phone nearby just in case. I wish ppl would understand that regardless of the mistakes made in your wheelchair or in your circumstance, u r an adult in a wheelchair, not a kid in a stroller.

    Just had to let this out!


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    I take it you girls/guys are new to injury (within 5 years).

    I am trying not to play momma here because I am one of those too but my old body is worn out from falling. If you are falling 2-3 times a may be doing damage that you don't know about. I know I was and now I am paying the price in pain.

    I was 20 when I had my accident so I know how tempting it is to think "oh I'm young and who cares"...yep I am old now.

    Every little "beat up" you take now, you will feel twenty years from now. So take care of your bodies. No wonder your doctor is yelling...AD is dangerous enough without falling 2-3 times a week on top of that.

    I will try to step off my soapbox now without falling....

    PS I fell earlier this week...I try to limit mine to once a month or once every six months if possible...the longest I have gone is nine whole months so attention to detail does pay off eventually LOL

    Take care
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    Thank you! My stepdad is coming back around 11:30 am to check for discoloration and swelling, but my legs feel better. I do not have 100% sensation but can feel some discomfort when I hurt myself. I am also not ADing and no spasms, so for now all seems good. I will be checking the next couple of days. Cross fingers all is good, I have my PT assessment Monday.

    Take care, sorry that u too fall at times when transferring, it really sucks when it happens.

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    I am close to 10 years post and have fallen 4-5 times since my injury. I am usually careful but must admit lately I have been impatient with myself when doing things, must be a Virgo thing.

    I agree, paying attention, especially to your body will not only prevent set backs but will help u in the long run.

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    Glad you have mom and stepdad around...

    I walk with AFO's and a cane so I got a full on mud treatment (not the spa kind) LOL thanks to all the rain we have had. I just crawled to the pavement and sat until my strength came back to climb to my feet. I am very thankful no one seen me.

    I am still sore today though and have a lovely purple thigh...LOL
    T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

    My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown

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    I fell a week ago Tuesday and was too weak to get back up in my chair. With no family close by, I called an ambulance and they picked me up in 2 seconds, lol.

    It happens. My brother's reaction was, "You've been doing these transfers for years, why are you falling now?" Umm ... 27yrs post and a year of inactivity with recent surgery!? Doh!

    Then yesterday, the footrest snapped off my Quickie GTi (this chair has failed a couple of times injuring me) and I scraped my right toes against pavement. My brother's response, "Why can't you take care of yourself anymore?"

    Shit happens!
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    I had my elbow x-rayed last week. Not broken, just huge and black from falling on it. Shit does indeed happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smashms View Post
    So sorry you fell but you did the right thing in trying not to catch yourself because it could have hurt yourself more. Your mom is just worried for you as mine would have done the same thing. I fall 2or3times a week because I transfer when I am ADing all the time and should't. I have been yelled at by both my doctor, therapist and my mom several times but for some reason I can't get it thru my thick head not to do it. Guess I am just stubborn thinking it will not happen to me. Oh well though lessons learned right. Good luck to you and hope you didn't in fact break anything.
    It is weird you have AD as a T10. If you are falling 2 or 3 times a week I would get that checked out. It may be something other than autonomic dysreflexia.

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    My injuries are usually from falling or burning myself. My balance is long gone.....and sometimes I just forget....or it happens so quick! Most of the time, no one else knows....but sometimes it's hard to hide a burn.

    There's not much else to say.....shit does happen!

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    Hi Gang As I read these replies we all are somewhat in a similar boat
    My stupid left leg gave out last week and I took a ding to my shin scuffed it up
    Shit Happens
    Just happy we all are alive
    Have a good Weekend yaall

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