I wanted to ask everyone with injuries what they do for their chronic pain.

Hearing about everyone's experience with spinal cord injury and chronic pain helps. Having pain is madenning because to the outside world pain is invisible...99% of people don't understand what you're talking about and why you are not in a great mood when you say "my pain is killing me today"...really as I'm sure you all know it doesn't feel worth telling people about the pain.

I have to do something for my pain...there doesn't seem to be a treatment for really bad chronic neurogenic pain. I was pretty pissed off when my Dr. basically said I'd have to get used to it... Some days (like now) my pain levels are mild but other days as you all know, the pain is severe.
My injury was at c4/5 (16 yrs ago) and was incomplete...it's good b/c I have some feeling and function below my injury level but not so good b/c I have bad burning/tingling pain through all parts of my body effected by the injury.

What is everyone else's pain like? What do you do when it's severe? Has anyone found meds that help??