I always see on here people talking about walking with crutches or with a walker or with canes etc. and thinking of it as walking. To me walking is being able to stand up and balance and walk around without any support. When someone tells you that you will probably be able to walk again following an sci mean that you will walk with support or that you will really walk. Because for me although I guess walking with support might allow you to go over certain obstacles that you can't in a chair, but other than that how is it really any better? For me I can wall walk and basically get around anywhere as long as I have something to hold onto, but I don't consider it walking either. I can not stand on my own and I can;t take more than on or two steps with support without falling down, so as far as I am concerned I can not walk. I mean realistically what is the big deal about "walking" all supported since you can't really carry anything anyway when your hands are full of crutches or a walker or something anyway. Not trying to get flamed by anyone that thinks that they are making progress towards getting better because they can do this and couldn't before, but I'd just as soon use my chair, because at least then I can carry stuff on my lap. How likely is it that someone with no muscles in their ass will ever be able to really walk again, and how many people really regain the ability to walk by themselves after an sci?