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Thread: Are AFO's always used with crutches?

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    Are AFO's always used with crutches?

    I'm just wondering if people that use AFO's always need crutches to walk, or if they can balance themselves with them and walk without addition support like an AB.

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    I've seen non sci people with foot drop using AFO's just fine without crutches or anything. Now, KFAO's would be a little awkward without at least a cane since you are more or less "shuffling" without the ability to bend the knee and actually step.

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    Before going to a KAFO, I used an AFO for footdrop and found that I felt more secure when I used it with a cane. While it is possible to get around in an AFO without additional support, I don't recommend it - walking with an AFO is not comparable to walking like an AB, as it requires greater concentration to ambulate with an orthotic; a cane provides good support in case of tripping or getting caught off-guard in some other way. I eventually found that I needed forearm crutches to walk securely with my AFO, but I got by with a cane for several years and would have fallen several times without that cane.

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    I was just thinking because when i was kid I could walk around on stilts with no problems, so I was thinking that it might be kind of the same thing.

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    I walk with just the AFO's.

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    I boat with an AFO so I don't have to yank on my foot all the time as it gets entangled.

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