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Thread: Pain meds and drug tests

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    Pain meds and drug tests

    I'm a C-6 incomplete quad with relatively normal sensation everywhere, but hypersensitivity from my knees down through my feet. I dealt with chronic bad foot pain for a long time before taking Oxycodone about three years ago.

    The drug hasn't taken away my foot pain entirely, but it often takes the pain from searing mind bending pain to just annoying pain. I've been getting 180 of the 5mg pills a month for a couple of years now.

    Well, i have to see the doctor every two months i guess by law before getting my prescriptions. She is really nice and helpful, even on issues besides my foot pain.

    Then last month i had a fill in doctor since mine was on vacation. After she left the room a nurse came i that i know and she said i needed to take a drug test first before leaving. That was a first since going to the clinic and i asked the nurse if the fact that i smoke pot sometimes before bed to help me fall asleep will be a problem? She said i'm not sure.

    So i get my Oxycodone prescriptions for the next two months and left the office. As i get near the exit at the hospital, the nurse comes from behind me and said she was sorry, but that she had to take the scripts from me. That i then should make an appointment with my regular doctor for when she comes back off vacation to talk about this.

    I'll be seeing her Friday. It has sucked having my feet flaming with no relief and there were 2-3 days of unpleasant withdraws, but not crazy bad ones. So for others taking an opiate prescription drug, is this a common policy everywhere that smoking marijuana disqualifies people from access to pain medication? It was just weird because i had been going to that clinic for at least three years and never once did i have to take a drug test or did they ask about marijuana, and for what it's worth, this isn't some sleazy clinic basically selling prescriptions for cash. It's a legit clinic inside a large hospital.

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    I had to sign some sort of contract with my doctor, not sure if it was state law or just a policy of Allina (my PCP is in the Allina health system). He was kind of apologetic about it but said it was required for any patient with chronic pain that got regular prescriptions of certain kinds of pills. It basically said you couldn't get pain medicines from another doctor (to prevent doctor shopping), no recreational drugs and it did have a drug testing clause.

    If you never signed one of these, I would make the case that you simply didn't know the rules and will follow them in the future.

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    I may have signed a contract in the past without knowing what it said because pretty much everywhere i go health related, i have to sign papers but i rarely read them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDuder View Post
    I may have signed a contract in the past without knowing what it said because pretty much everywhere i go health related, i have to sign papers but i rarely read them.
    Well hopefully your Doctor is understanding, but it may be out of her hands if the policy of the place where she works is to flush people with positive drug tests. I hope it works out for you.

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    My doctor test me regularly, but has told me in the past that he wouldn't withold my pain meds just because I came up positive for other drug. I did have a false positive for methamphetamine intitially which was resolved when they performed a more accurate test on the sample. It was because I tested positive initially that he mentioned that I would still be able to get my pain meds regardless. I think that they mostly are using the urinalysis to ensure that you are really taking the oxy's like you are supposed to be that to test for other illicit drugs.

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    I hate the fact we have to drug test, it's almost like saying we are liars and drug addicts. I'm not doing anything I shouldn't and wish to be treated as such. My first pain clinic didn't test me until 1-year later and my new clinic tested me before I even saw the doctor. Geeeez.

    One would think if you've done the MRI's, CAT scans, X-rays, and they all show problems, your claims to pain must be real. Oh well it's the world we live in!!

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    I've always had to sign those contracts to get my pain meds, and had to agree to random drug testing. I have NO problem with drug testing, take all the pee you want as long as I get my meds! I have a problem with people being treated like addicts and not getting the meds they need. If some pee allows them to know I'm not taking illicit drugs or selling the drugs I'm being prescribed, go for it.

    I'm shocked they would allow you to go into withdrawal like that. Even addicts going into rehab can get the drugs they've been taking to titre down since many have very severe withdrawal. And for a chronic pain patient, withdrawal from narcotics can change things in the brain and body where when you go back on the meds the same dosage doesn't give you the relief it did before. IMO they should have at least given you the minimum dose possible to cover you until your appointment.

    I hope everything gets worked out. Personally I think its ridiculous for marijuana to be illegal and alcohol legal. I refuse to combine alcohol with my prescriptions, but I would try marijuana if I could. Eating though, not smoking.
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