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Thread: Rogue Planet 'Nomads' May Outnumber Stars In Milky Way

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    Actually my good man Donno, you reiterated what I stated, but just used more words!
    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post
    Actually the Moon was formed during what is called the early heavy bombardment period of the creation of the solar system. There was a lot of big pieces of junk hanging around and bumping into each other and the planets. The current theory is that something about the size of Mars hit the Earth. Here's a link to an article in Physics Today that discusses the formation of the Moon:
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    One of 'em surely slammed into earth and the resulting ejecta and material displacement over time created da moon.
    They had a show on the Science Channel showing how it most likely formed with a collision of a rogue planet into the Earth. Made a lot of sense when this one scientist showed that since the moon slowly slips away from the Earth each year, she ran a computer program to reverse its path and demonstrated how long ago it would have hit and how large the impacting planet would have been.
    Very entertaining and educational.

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