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Thread: Looking for Funding Sources for Grad School

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    Looking for Funding Sources for Grad School

    I didn't see a thread that I could hijack, so here goes:

    I've applied to several universities around the country for a Masters' program in International Relations. So far, I've received acceptance from one of my 4 schools, along with a fellowship worth about 1/4th the cost. I've completed my FAFSA and I'm waiting to see what I'm offered by the feds. But it sounds like $20,000-$25,000 is the cap for federal loans per year. This leaves me with maybe $15,000 left to pull together, per year. VocRehab is probably not an option either, as 3 of the 4 schools are out-of-state.

    Is there a centralized place to look at disability-based funding or another venue of funding that I've not considered yet? Do any of the big funds allot money to continuing education?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Talk to the departments of the schools that you're looking at & see if they have any assistantships/etc available. My grad school tuition was funded by a research grant, though it was essentially a part time job.

    Debt from education loans is a burden that you'll want to unload ASAP. When I got married I inherited my wife's loans & they were no fun to deal with.

    Take on as little debt as possible. It's not worth it.

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    Thanks, Scott. It's looking like that's nearly all they're offering, outside of work-study. But I'll keep at it. Thanks again for the input.
    In pursuit of the truth.

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