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Thread: Pit Bull Dog bites, chases, anybody?

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    OJ, I didn't know they had found the dog! Sorry to hear it was put down too, but that was the owner's fault. Plus, you're right .. what if it attacked a child next time?

    Maybe the laws should start focusing on people (who qualifies to own these pets) and not the dogs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    OJ, I didn't know they had found the dog! Sorry to hear it was put down too, but that was the owner's fault. Plus, you're right .. what if it attacked a child next time?

    Maybe the laws should start focusing on people (who qualifies to own these pets) and not the dogs.
    It took about several months but the animal control officer who took over the file eventually tracked her down through the coffee shop. We had a cell phone picture of the dog taken by another customer, but even with that it took a long time. I had pretty much given up on her being found, but I guess its a small neighbourhood and she was a regular there, even though she wisely avoided it for some time. Part of me was relieved that she was finally forced to take responsibilty for what happened, although its too bad that the dog was the one who actually ended up paying the price. The life of the other dog was spared, although it attacked me too. The only reason that one didn't bite me was simply because it was physically blocked by the other dog, who had his mouth clamped on my thigh. She did surrender it and last I heard a dog rescue society had taken it for rehabilitation and hoped to adopt it out. Hopefully it will find a home with a better person this time around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue View Post
    By the way Shepherds don't stop at a bite, huskies don't stop at a bite, yorkies don't stop at a bite. Blame the humans, stop blaming the dog.

    Take a look at my signature. People need to know a TRUE Pitbull b4 they judge them. They were bred to be nanny dogs thousands of years ago for goodness sake.

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    This is a good reason people with dogs need to socialize them around all types of people and situations. Different races, wheelchairs, canes, hats, etc. Best to do when they are very young puppies or preferably the first year though.
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    True it's the humans at fault. I keep Dobies; another "bully breed" no bigger babies on the planet. Chihuahuas bite far more often that pits or dobies but when a big dog bites the consequences can be far more serious.

    Instead of killing or maiming the dog with a spike stick which may anger the dog and provoke a stronger reaction before you can incompacitate it, how about a personal taser? Shock it and keep going.

    I have issues with strays when I'm out alone. They do react to the wheels. Pearl is big enough to warn most strays away. That may potentially be an answer or a stronger draw for aggressive dogs.
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    Get some bear spray. The new stuff will shoot 25 feet and stop a bear, should work on the dogs. Might try a boat horn too. Most animals don't like loud noises.

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    I'll ask the obvious, do you know any dog commands in Spanish?

    As others have said, defensive moves could make it worse. How about bringing dog treats? I used to do this when I ran and it always turned a vicious loose dog into my new best friend. Bring big treats...

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    Bear spray X 2. Boat horns do work well, I use one to chase bears off.
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    I agree with others. It is not the Pit Bulls; it's the owners. So we shouldn't ban Pit Bulls; we should ban Pit Bull owners. Naw. Ban the Pit Bulls too.

    I sometimes go wheelchair mushing at a park where homeless often reside and often have dogs, often Pit Bulls, and most likely unleashed. In this same area, a Pit Bull attacked a horse about two years ago. They had to kill the Pitt Bull to get it off the horse. I am planning on getting pepper spray.
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    I was attacked by a German Shepherd when I was a kid. Same dog had threatened me many times and I'd avoided it by stopping cold and standing stock still for as long as it took for the dog to move on. The owners had bought the dog specifically because it had been trained to be a guard dog. After the attack, they gave the dog to some farmer , then pretended to forget whom they had given it to. When threatened with legal action, they miraculously regained their memories. I was spared rabies shots - barely.

    As a result, I gained respect for any dog of any size that I do not know. I do not automatically fear them, but I respect them. I"ve met pit bulls that were gentle as lambs, and owned a chihuahua that woulda chewed off the ankles of eveyone who entered our home if we hadn't controlled him.

    All about the owners... but that doesn't help if you're about to be attacked by one that wasn't raised right. If I were you, I"d definitely carry protection.
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