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Thread: UTI/fever: how to handle

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    UTI/fever: how to handle

    Fever is over 101 at night the last two days (101.2-101.5) even with Tylenol and Advil. (Normal for me is 97.9) Urine is smelly, C&S being done, have been on antibiotic one day. Nausea, probably from antibiotic, some chills. I IC 4x/day. Some cough, not related I think.

    Overall, I feel good physically, actually. Feel much better than if it was the flu, just a bit warm/cold.

    How should I handle this? Take lots of Tylenol and Advil?

    My concern is not so much the current temperature. It is that if it rises much more I would likely not be able to transfer and might have to get some emergency help. I don't want to page doctors since I call them all the time for one reason or another lately. I do not want to go to ER no matter what, I've had enough of hospitals, was just in one for a while.
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    Are you drinking enough? Do you think you could be dehydrated causing odor to the urine?

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    Cranberry Juice. I use the concentrated pills from Walmart 4200 mg + vitamin c. I haven't had a UTI in forever cause it keeps the ph level acidic which doesn't allow the bacteria to grow. Of course you need to use all your antibiotic to clear up what you have presently. Fever, hot/cold, smelly urine are all signs that come with the infection. Spasms and back pain increases as well. Water is always good as well. Me being a quad I have to control my intake as the more you drink the more you pee lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post

    I agree with GJ 100%. I am now 18 months uti free.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
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    If you are taking both Tylenol and Advil for the fever and not getting relief you should bother a doctor. Tylenol or asprin should knock that down within 48 hours of first taking the antibiotic. Taking both is overkill. And do read the instructions on when best to take the antibiotic as some work best with food while others work better on an empty stomach.
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    I swear by cranberry capsules and vitamin C. Made a huge difference with bladder comfort and has helped keep the uti's at bay.

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    Actually, our family doctor and our pediatrian recommends alternating the tylenol with advil if the fever doesn't respond to one or the other. You can take them four hours apart. In my experience, it usually takes a dose or two (alternating) for the fever to stay down. If it doesn't, I would agree - bother your doc. However, make sure that you are drinking enough - 8 glasses (8 oz each) is generally recommended.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I wound up having a fever between 99 and 102 for a week, and even for about four days after antibiotics killed the urine smell. The day I finally went to the doctor, it got better though. Just one more pointless odd physical symptom, I guess: if this were a movie, I'd demand a refund.

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