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Thread: Ok. better eating starts now.

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    Ok. better eating starts now.

    Tuna, brown rice and salads are now my staples since puffing up back in NJ.

    I'm done with all the gluten free breads bagels cereals etc.

    I don't like veggies but I will do what I can.

    My liquids will be tea, coffee and water. I'll supplement with vitamins and protein.

    I will have an exercise program.

    What am I missing?
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    Fruits. I perform a lot better on the potty when I eat lots of vegetables.

    Where can you find a dietitian or nutritionist that specializes in SCI diets?

    Maybe the NSCIA knows.

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    There was one at Magee in Philly that was on the team that made Prosource.

    But, I forget her name.
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    I'm there too Joe. After Dave's dx of diabetes this month things have to change.
    It is hard because he can't be active. (unless turning your head and a weak shrug count)
    My weight crept up since his SCI. Less activity and stress eating to blame.
    In Oct I started at a women's workout place and try to get there 3 times a week or more if have an aide of family member able to come over. I'm a wimp, but at least it is something. I'm hoping it will help my fibromyalgia and mood.
    We see a dietitian next week and hope she has some ideas. I'm confused about the carbs etc for diabetics. He hates most veg except corn which is not good.
    Good luck Joe!

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    greasy double cheesburgers
    xlarge pepperoini pizzas
    beef burritos/tacos
    fried potatoes with fried eggs on top
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    Quote Originally Posted by brucec View Post
    greasy double cheesburgers
    xlarge pepperoini pizzas
    beef burritos/tacos
    fried potatoes with fried eggs on top never call....

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    Pass up the desserts and other high sugar stuff but do not be fanatical. I have never met a chocolate mousse that I could pass up. lol When I eat at a friends, I eat what they serve.

    Regarding veggies, I eat plenty as long as they are cooked lightly or raw. i hate overcooked and most canned veggies. The way things are cooked or prepared can make a lot of difference. When all else fails, douse with hot sauce to numb the tastebuds.
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    I am more of a chicken and rice guy than tuna. If I want to lose weight quickly I just drink an ensure for breakfast and lunch and then chicken and rice for dinner.

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    Wild Alaskan Salmon joe and lots of it. It is delicious and great for you.

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    Don't overdo the tuna. Unfortunately it can have fairly high mercury levels, as can all top preditor fish (swordfish, shark, tuna, salmon, etc.) that are wild.

    Try to keep your carbs down. Fruit is good, but is also high in sugars (ie, carbs). Blueberries and raspberries are available now in the USA from Chile and are lowest in carbs of most fruits.

    Good protein sources include (as long as you are not lactose intolerant) skim milk, non-fat cottage cheese and yogurt (esp. Greek style yogurt which is higher in protein). Chicken, pork, beef are all fine with lean cuts (remove the skin on chicken).

    Barley is lower in carbs but high in fiber compared to oats or wheat cereals and breads. Quiona is also low in carbs. You can find low carb pastas for that pasta "Jones" (Dreamfield is best), but avoid rice and potatoes which are high in carbs with limited nutritional value anyway. Brown rice or wild rice if you must have small amounts of rice.

    Start reading labels when you are grocery shopping. Set a goal for your daily carb intake and stick to it. (100 gm. is probably fine). Also, be sure to get your fiber intake into the 30 mg. daily range.


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