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Thread: Real Chairs

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    Real Chairs

    Hi everyone! I'm a rehab equipment provider and an ATP. I don't want to get spammy, so I won't mention where I am or who I work for, but I'd like to begin sharing some "real" chairs with you all. My customers seem to get frustrated by the "Use your imagination" thing to try to envision what their chair will look like with this option or that back support or those wheels. The manufacturers make promotional materials available, however, they are limited in the information they can convey with so many options available. Never will you see a factory picture of a Quickie chair with a ROHO cushion on it. They simply don't cooperate in that fashion.
    As a result, I've taken to photographing real customers' chairs prior to delivery as a visual reference to use when showing equipment to users. This has provided me and my customers a great resource in picturing what the final product might look like. We still have to play "Use your imagination" some, but it is greatly reduced by having pics of real chairs set up for real users.

    Not all will apply to every user, of course, but I'm hoping over time that I can build this thread up to have a pretty good cross section of gear.

    First up, a pediatric tilt in space chair. This is a Zippie Iris, outfitted with a Jay 3 seat cushion, a newly introduced back support from the Comfort Company called the Embrace, a Whitmyer headrest, padded pelvic belt, padded calf strap, padded anterior trunk support. The armrests are Quickie's single post height adjustable models. This chair has 55 degrees of manual tilt, is equipped with WC19 tie down loops and has all the growth built in that this young guy will need before he wears it out.

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    Cool, I don't think this is spam and am always interested in "real" chairs. Welcome to CC.

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    I like the idea of this thread !

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    Wow, those pics are rotten, aren't they? I need to watch that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Holt View Post
    Wow, those pics are rotten, aren't they? I need to watch that!
    No offense intended, but thats what I was going to comment about! With keeping a running compilation for customers, watch your photo composition. It takes away from the chair with things like a flash or sunlight bleaching out your photo.

    Love the thread though. I really enjoy checking out everyones chairs. Another who works in the industry here, SCI_OTR pastes really informative threads about chairs he puts together for clients.
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    Here's a new one; another Quickie. This is a Quickie 2 Lite. It's equipped with transit tie downs, a Jay3 back (upper thoracic support, medium depth) a Supracor honeycomb seat cushion, swingaway padded arms, spoke wheels, tippers, 70 degree swing in/out footrests with composite angle adjustable footplates.
    There is also a headrest and anterior trunk support to go with the tie downs. Many school districts require the headrest/shoulder/seat belts for bus riding. Remember, supports attatched to the chair are NOT occupant restraints, but are positioning aids only. Occupant restraints are attached to the vehicle!

    (Hope these pics are better)

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    Hmm. Marginally, perhaps. I need a new a camera.

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    Or a tripod.
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    Man, how do people get around in a barge like that?

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    Your reasons for starting this thread are exactly why I got involved here in the first place. I have found that the best way to make information available for future reference is to start a separate thread for each noteworthy chair you do and include key words in the title of the thread. The Google search box at the top will take care of the rest. For example, enter "TDX UltraLow" or "85 Deg TiLite" and see what comes up. I have even found myself referring to my own threads when I am in the process of spec'ng somethng out at work.

    If a member is interested in something specific, they will usually post a thread about it and I will post relevant pics is I happen to have them.

    Then there is the CareCure CAD Repository in the "Sticky" section.

    Welcome to the "cloud" for all things related to SCI custom mobility.

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