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Thread: hospital bills

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    Thank you everyone for the help, at least now I have some idea where to start.

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    If Medicaid doesn't cover some or any of the cost make sure you keep up on the bills/mail. It's easy to forget or let things go when going through such a major life event. Do not let them go to collections and keep in contact with the offices you owe even if you are only making a $10 payment a month! Some bills may be written off too due to financial hardship. Keep in contact is most important and there are options. I really hope Medicaid in your state pulls through. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Keep in mind that Medicaid is a state-run program, so it varies by the state. In my state (CA) Medicaid pays back to the date of injury as the secondary for anyone who quallifies, and SCI is an expedited condition. Financial counselors at the two hospitals should have explained this to you while you were there. If you didn't get to meet with them, then contact them now and discuss his situation and what accommodations might be made if this is not going to be covered by Medicaid.

    My injury was in 1970 and Medicaid kicked in with help of social work dept at rehab after I completely exhausted limits of my medical insurance. This was a great relief to me, however, about two years post rehab I was called one day by a collection agency and their rep claimed that the paperwork from rehab was never filed correctly and that therefore they had not been reimbursed and I owed what Medicaid was to cover. I did provide them with some correspondence from rehab days which my father had saved. Never heard from them again. Be sure to coordinate w rehab center re Medicaid, save all your paperwork from your rehab days for way longer than makes sense. Good luck!

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    A lot of insurances have maximum out of pocket expenses. Make sure that this is not the case with yours.
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    If He's 22 then he is an adult and your best bet is bankruptcy for sure. You should not spend a dime for anything for him. I'm not saying abandon him as a loving parent, just do nothing for him that the state or federal government know about. Unless he is working, and it does not sound like he is. is he getting disability? If not sign him up for food stamps, ssa etc. You can help him all you want to of course, but if he's got nothing then he's not gothing to lose...

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