Sorry I missed your anniversary Jon. It's good to know that you, Dej, THC, Cass, Bill, Alan, DD, Lynnifer, and I'm sure I've missed a few regulars.....are always here when needed.

Living with CP isn't easy. It's a day to day struggle for most of us. Usually the nights being the worst. Hard on us....harder on families.....and I've yet to figure out how to have a life. We're all the same...but different. None of us have quite the same pain in all the same places, we just know it's evil.

I admire how you're able to get on with things Jon. Keep it up and take care of yourself. My anniversary isn't far behind yours, but I don't really want to think about it. Took me a few years just to realize I would'nt ever really get well. Everytime they did a new procedure, or changed meds, I was sure this was the one that cure me!

May the next ten years be easier than the last ten!