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Thread: dead omegatrac

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    dead omegatrac

    Looking for some help. We have an Omegatrac that has died. It needs a part that I would refer to as the "computer" of the wheelchair. You can see why this would be difficult for me to find a part. Can anyone help me with this part or where to go to find one. We want to sell this since John is no longer able to be seated in it. Thanks. Pati

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    Depending upon what make of controller you have and what is wrong with it, to fix or replace it can be very expensive. I have the LiberT brand and the carging port broke and Next Mobiity wanted 4 grand to replace it. I purchased the port for around $2.50 but found no one to install it. No doubt that it would have been difficult.

    Are you sure the entire controller is bad?
    C 5/6 Comp.
    No Tri's or hand function.

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    i have an old omegatrac I maybe help you with... give me a cALL 510 932 3255.


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