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Thread: packing a wheelchair to ship

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    packing a wheelchair to ship

    how do ya go about packing a wheelchair to ship if you don't have the original box? i'd appreciate any and all ideas/options.

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    The post office and UPS will have the boxes and padding you need to pack it up, I'm pretty sure.

    Also, UPS will pack it up for you.
    Quote Originally Posted by rollin64 View Post
    how do ya go about packing a wheelchair to ship if you don't have the original box? i'd appreciate any and all ideas/options.
    eta: FedEx also has the materials needed to pack a package, and they also will do it for you. I don't know if they charge extra or how much it would cost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smashms View Post
    It is an arm and a leg to have them pack it for you but well worth the frustration when I just sent my old one to who bought it it cost me around $200 and that was the cheapest I could get only Bad news was I only charged 45 dollars for shipping so I am out $150 and the person refuses to pay
    that sux. some ppl just have no scruples.

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    thanks for the links rdf. we might be able to get the materials and self pack. $200 is simply outrageous.

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    What kind of chair?

    If it's a folding 'chair? Try a bicycle shop.

    If it's a rigid frame? Sears Hardware for lawn mower box.

    I recently UPSed a shower chair in a bicycle box for $39.00.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smashms View Post

    Worse part is he is a CC member six big time
    that's really a shame. hopefully things'll work out smash.

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    I would never take a wheelchair to one of those "professional" places for packing. I've seen all sorts of different things just thrown into boxes with a few foam peanuts. Of course, they are trashed when they arrive at their destination. I've shipped a number of wheelchairs all over the place (even to Australia from the U.S.).

    I get moving boxes from Home Depot. They are cheap and are not all beat up. Often times, I will put two boxes together to make one big box. Basically, I'll just leave the tops of both boxes open and slide one inside of the other upside down. That way, the box ends up being double-walled and is much stronger. Typically, I'll "soften" the corners and edges of the box that goes inside of the other one. I'll just hit the corners with any sort of object that will dent them in (along their length). That way, it's much easier to slide it inside of the other box. So, I'll tape up the flaps of the box so they stay upright, put the chair/frame/parts inside the box (making sure everything is secure), soften up the corner edges of the box, and then slide the other box over the top of that one like a lid. Does that make sense? Thus far, it's been the best way for me to ship a chair.

    Typically, I'll send the wheels in a bike box that I get from bike shops. However, depending on the wheel size, they might fit in the same box that the frame is in. When it comes to shipping, I only use FedEx Ground. I set up an account, and it's amazing how much better the rates are. I've also had much better luck with FedEx in the way that parcels are handles. I've gotten a LOT of stuff from UPS that looked as though it make a trip through hell on the way to my place. I've even had UPS LOSE a 75-pound package that was six feet long!
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