I received my first light weight. A Q&, and at first was impressed until I had to go down a slight hill. Ive never had a chair with a fixed foot rest in front and threw my good foot down to slow me, but the plate caught me in the heel. Learning curve---no big deal.

As I sped up just past a medium walking speed, the front wheels started to chatter and flap, and I was thrown almost 10 feet through the air!

I had a friend take the chair down hill and the same thing almost happened to him, except he has two good legs and jumped out before it flipped. We studied the chair and my conclusion is that the front wheels are 1---too small, 2---set too close back to the main wheels, giving virtually NO support during a turn, and 3---the flexible single pipe that attaches the wheel bends under and keeps the little front wheel from following the rubber edge. It stays sideways and helps it flip. I dont know why it chatters so badly at any type of speed but have heard others with that same problem. One man told me he has gone through 6 caster forks!

The other night I was on a smooth flat wooden floor and tried to quickly turn to the left. as the front swung around, the front wheel didnt make the swivel , bent under a bit and I found myself on my face UNDER the chair.

Ive seen this chattering caster wheel thing in a few other columns---anyone here have this problem? Is there a fix? Im afraid of the thing now.