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Thread: New videos of C-3,4 incomplete quadriplegic bowling

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    New videos of C-3,4 incomplete quadriplegic bowling

    Enjoy and let me know what you think

    more videos C-3,4 Incomplete Quadriplegic

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    That's awesome bro! I love it

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    That's EXACTLY how Chad bowls!
    Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager

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    I was bowling the other day and some lady came up to me and was all excited and said that she just had to come over and talk to me because she had apparently never seen anyone in a chair in a bowling alley, and her husband was in a chair. Well duh, isn't that what the gutter guards are for, children and gimps that don't like the flimsy metal ball launching ramps. Although I was at Delta Bowl the other day only to learn that there were no lanes cuz of the damn leaguers, and they just got some cool looking green plastic dinasaur shaped ball launchers. I must admit those are pretty darn cool. Fortunately I was numb like I always am when i bowl so I relatively pleasant with her all things considered. Cuz she wasn't the brightest woman I've ever met. Geuess what her question wwas when swhe saw me3 bowling? How long have you been bowling for! So I simply replied. "well I've actually been bowling since I was a small child , however I have only been in this char for about a year and a half. The she said "You look like you are having so much fun." Apparently to her I appeared to be enjoying myself. Yep nothing like a fifth of jagermeister and a bowling with my daughter to put a slight grin on my face at least briefly. It's actually a lot more competitive now, a 10 nyear old girl againsta gimp. Thinking back I should really be more encouraging when she beats me, rather than being all sarcastic and saying "Yay, you beat a drunk gimp at bowling." Guess I need to go find a parenting forum now too.

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