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Thread: The Permobil chair that climbs

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    The Permobil chair that climbs

    We had a bit of a crazy adventure about a week ago getting into the van. Forgive me if you have seen this in another venue, but I thought it was too good? hair raising? shocking? and funny (IN RETROSPECT ONLY lol)! not to share....


    Bottom line, and on a more serious note, permobil C500s can climb ALOT better than you'd think. We were very very lucky.
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    "Life is good." HAHAHAHA!!! Nice.

    Crazy close though.

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    Your adrenalin must have been pumping!

    Yep, I've nearly gone over the edge of the ramp in my Rollx van a couple of times myself. (This is why I didn't want the type of ramp that slides out from the floor, with absolutely nothing on the side.)

    And once I was half-hanging off a too-narrow cross-sloped wooden ramp a well-meaning but clueless relative built so I could visit his house; my mom was supporting the entire weight of the chair with everybody looking on, but no one bothered to help right me until she gasped for help...

    They really should have an option to make those side guards higher, for those of us with powerful motorized chairs.

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    I had a similar fiasco about 14-15 years ago. I was going to my cousins basketball game and as I started to back into the van, my back wheel ran over the controller with the up and down buttons. My chair was half-way in the van but the lift went to the ground. My stepdad was grabbed onto and held my chair from flipping forward and I reclined to get my weight in the back to stop the teetering. He pushed me back as best he could and left me in limbo until he could go around and come up behind me and pull me in. I was sure I was gonna flip forward, smack my head on the wheelchair lift overhead beam, then keep going and slam face forward into the driveway. (such fun is SCI)

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