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Thread: Theramine for spasms and pain update

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    Theramine for spasms and pain update

    It's been 3 months since I first started taking this Medical food (see my link about it). It is has been such a great product for me. It is a medical food by prescription and covered by my insurance. I take 1 capsule 3 times a day and the relief it had given me with NO side effects has been wonderful. Few spasm and 6 hours straight of sleep without the jerking spasms I was having. You could buy all the supplements this contains BUT the amount you would need to buy to equal this concentration would be Hugh. Told to me by 2 different Dr's. A recent web search also shows they are starting to use these medical foods at the VA. A close friend who has restless leg syndrome and fibermyalgia and has recently gone with a combination scripted for her, a she too has had unbelievable results with NO side effects. In my opinion it is well worth asking your Dr if you could at least try it.

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    if all ingredients are GRAS, why would one need a script for this?
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